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Cosplay - The Show

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Cosplay/Las Vegas crossover Live Action Stage Show

The worldwide phenomenon known as "cosplay" is a Japanese portmanteau of the English terms costume and play. With millions of people both participating and interested in the subculture and the varied themes such as superheroes, cartoon characters, video game characters; Cosplay The Show embraces cosplay with a Las Vegas flare.

The 70 minute production is set to perform in a major showroom on the Las Vegas strip featuring some of Las Vegas' most talented performers and a dizzying number of custom costumes and sets and props designed specifically for this production.

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Contributions to this campaign will be specifically used to increase production value of costumes, set pieces and props of the show as it is built and to develop a strong marketing campaign through Advertising and Social Media. Cosplay - The Show will also participate in the growth of the community with special guest appearances from the actual actors who played in favorite television programs and movies, Cosplay Celebrities, as well as participation in conventions, events and charities.

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